care instructions for your custom rugby kit


Our custom kit is very hardwearing and durable and is manufactured to last season after season. Special care should be taken however when washing these garments to avoid harming the dye and fabric and enable you to maximise the life and performance of your kit. Always follow the Garment Care Label Washing and Drying Instructions.

We recommend you wash these garments as soon as possible after use, particularly if they are wet or stained.

Washing Instructions:

  1. Pre-soak heavily soiled garments in warm water (up to 40 degrees C) and a good laundry detergent for 1 to 3 hours
  2. Wash inside out
  3. Machine wash separately in warm water (up to 40 degrees C) using a mild NON-phosphorous detergent
  4. Remove garments immediately from the washer when done and hang dry

Avoid these harmful actions:

  1. Do NOT soak or wash in hot water as this may cause the colours to bleed
  2. Do NOT use detergents with Phosphates as this may cause the colours to bleed
  3. Do NOT use chlorine bleach as this will fade the colours and weaken the fabric and stitches
  4. Do NOT dry clean
  5. Do NOT wash with other clothing as colours from these other garments may migrate in to yours Also, items such as zips, buttons and Velcro may cause snagging, pulls or other blemishes on your garment
  6. Do NOT put in a tumble dryer as excessive heat will cause the dye to fade or migrate and your garment to shrink
  7. Do NOT run your garments through a screen print dryer as the high heat may cause dye migration


Always check the garment care label and follow its washing and drying instructions. Washing machines, detergents and fabrics are manufactured to ensure that, when washed at the specified temperature, your garments will come out looking their best after each wash.


  1. Before washing, close all zips, undo all buttons and flatten out collar and cuffs
  2. Check pockets and linings for loose or sharp objects
  3. Turn garments inside out to reduce abrasion and contamination from other garments
  4. Always read the care label for garment washing instructions
  5. Check garments regularly for stains and remove as soon as possible, pre-soak before washing if necessary


Always check the care label to see whether a garment can be tumble dried. We recommend air drying. For best results, pull the garment back in to shape when damp.


The iron symbols advise the best temperature at which to iron the garment. The number of dots on the iron symbol represents the recommended temperature of the iron; the more dots the hotter the iron.

  1. Iron each garment on the recommended setting
  2. Do not iron directly over garment embellishments
  3. Always iron garments on the reverse side
  4. If you are using a non-steam iron to iron dark coloured garments, to avoid ‘iron shine’ either iron on the inside of the fabric or through a damp cloth

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